for clarinet & bassoon


Doblinger Music Publishers, Vienna (catalog # 36 605). Bassoon part is available for violoncello (catalog # 06 710 VC).

Premiere Performance:

01/30/2002 at UCLA in Los Angeles, CA by Gary Gray - clarinet and Charles Coker - bassoon

Duration: 11 minutes (3 movements)
CD Recording:

Gary Gray, SHADES OF GRAY, Centaur Records CRC 3251



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Listen to excerpts from Three Short Stories for clarinet & bassoon: :
1. Uncle Bebop
2. Rays of Light
3. Latin Dance

Watch a video of a live performance by Sergio Coelho – clarinet and Judith Farmer – bassoon

More information about the recording of Three Short Stories  for clarinet & bassoon
on the album SHADES OF GRAY

Purchase the sheet music for Three Short Stories  for clarinet & bassoon at:
Theodore Front Musical Literature, Inc
Trevco Music (violoncello part)


“Gernot Wolfgang’s Three Short Stories for clarinet and bassoon (2003) brings in the most amazing bassoon playing I have heard in a long time – superb tone and articulation with a very attractive use of vibrato. Judith Farmer is the bassoonist involved in this suite, with the first movement entitled Uncle Bebop demanding that phenomenal articulation. Whilst the second movement Rays of Light is more lyrical there is no let-up in the final Latin Dance – brilliant!”

Kenneth Morris, Clarinet & Saxophone (UK)

“My favorite section is Gernot Wolfgang’s 3 Short Stories for Clarinet & Bassoon, a marvelous neoclassical procession as adventurous as a Miro painting, Gray double-tracking with bassoon (Judith Farmer) in low and high registers, offsetting each others’ work in constantly switching lead voices.”

Mark S. Tucker,

“Of the album’s more modern pieces, Gernot Wolfgang’s Three Short Stories for clarinet & bassoon is my favorite, with a playful opening movement (“Uncle Bebop”) leading into the swan-like “Rays of Light” whose swooping melodies evoke a Russian ballet score. The off-kilter rhythms and wild melodies of the finale “Latin Dance” show off bassoonist Judith Farmer’s nimble playing and Wolfgang’s Stravinsky-esque imagination.”

Jon Sobel,

“In the contemporary corner was film composer Gernot Wolfgang’s engaging and inventive duo for clarinet and bassoon – Three Short Stories, written in 2000 for his wife, SBCO bassoonist Judith Farmer. Farmer and clarinetist Michael Grego navigated Wolfgang’s inviting and strongly jazz-tinged score with precision and a hearty sense of swing … ”

Josef Woodard, Santa Barbara Independent 

Three Short Stories (2003) for clarinet and bassoon by composer Gernot Wolfgang is both engaging and toe-tapping … Of special note is the beautiful bassoon playing of Judith Farmer.”

Raphael Sanders, The Clarinet

Three Short Stories for clarinet and bassoon by Gernot Wolfgang has [clarinetist Gary] Gray collaborating with bassoonist Judith Farmer in a heady mix of jazz and Latin American rhythms, from the up-tempo Uncle Be-Bop to the coolly lyrical Rays of Light in which the instruments drift serenely in their separate grooves, and then the explosive Latin Dance.”

Phil Muse, Audio Video Club of Atlanta

“Wolfgang’s work mixes jazz with Latin American influences and has an especially light, graceful rhythm to it.”

John J. Puccio, Classical Candor

Three Short Stories for clarinet & bassoon” (2003) features Gray on clarinet with Judith Farmer playing the bassoon. Their combination of Jazz and Latin American music with a classical music technique elevates this Gernot Wolfgang composition to an accessible level for novices of all ages. Uncle Bebop, Rays of Light, and Latin Dance comprises this three movement suite which contains uptempo unisons, lyricism and a fast, lively piece of music that explores Latin American rhythms.”

Paula Edelstein,