for bassoon & contrabass


Doblinger Music Publishers (catalog # 06 714)

Premiere Performance:

11/19/2009 at Manhattan School of Music in New York City, NY by Annie Lyle - bassoon and and Lisa Dowling - contrabass.

Duration: 4 minutes (1 movement)
CD Recording:

Gernot Wolfgang, SHORT STORIES, Albany Records TROY1248;
Matthias Kronsteiner, MODIFIED - MUSIC FOR BASSOON, Composers Concordance Records Comcon 005



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More information about the recording of Low Agenda  on the album SHORT STORIES
More information about the recording of Low Agenda  on the album MODIFIED: MUSIC FOR BASSOON _____________________________________________________

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“Groovy could almost describe the first track, Low Agenda (2007), with the contrabass’s jazzy pizzicato beat, complementing the smoky, saxophone-style writing for the bassoon. It is a fitting tribute to saxophonist Michael Brecker, and acts as an instrumental showpiece … ”

Barnaby Rayfield, Fanfare

“Wolfgang’s latest disc [Short Stories]opens with the delightful Low Agenda for bassoon and string bass. Not only is it a solid work, it is also a great opener. In the superbly able hands of Judith Farmer and Nico Abondolo, the piece’s catchy grooves and sinuous lines prime the listener for rest of the album. Like any good short piece (this one clocks in at a little under four minutes), it leaves you wanting more.”

Ryan Romine, The Double Reed

 ” … my favorite piece on this CD [Matthias Kronsteiner, Modified – Music for Bassoon]”

Diether Steppuhn, Das Rohrblatt (Germany)

” For performers and audiences alike, the piece is a refreshing dash of color and could turn out to be a small treasure for chamber music ensembles.”

Andreas Schultze-Florey, Tibia (Germany)

” … there is an irrepressible drive in this piece.”

Dietrich Hilkenbach, Oboe-Fagott (Germany)

” … an engaging tribute to saxophone great Michael Brecker.”

Bill Peters, Petersmusicnews.com