Vienna And The West

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Concert, Featured Album

Gernot Wolfgang
Albany Records TROY1760 (2019)


01. ROAD SIGNS (bassoon, piano)
02. PASSAGE TO VIENNA (violin, cello, piano)
03. ROUTE 33 (solo piano)
04. WINDOWS (clarinet, bassoon, piano)
05. IMPRESSIONS – 1.Carnival in Venice (cl,bsn,hn,vln,vla,vc,cb)
06. IMPRESSIONS – 2.Dream
07. IMPRESSIONS – 3.Country Road
08. FROM VIENNA WITH LOVE (violin, viola, cello, piano)



All music composed by Gernot Wolfgang (BMI/AKM)
Engineered, mixed and mastered by Rich Breen
Produced by Gernot Wolfgang and Judith Farmer
Executive producer: David Barnes
All music published by Doblinger Music Publishers

“It’s all so refreshing, new, interesting and involving, I have a hard time turning it off …  I cannot praise highly enough the accomplishments achieved here – the music, the performers (all Los Angeles-based professionals), and the recorded sound.”

David Rowe, Classical CD Reviews (USA)

“If you are searching for a fresh and distinct fusion of styles, something classically based yet different, this is the album you might want to consider. Gernot Wolfgang, an Austrian-born composer now based in Los Angeles, masters an idiosyncratic fusion of the elements of the Second Viennese School with contemporary jazz in this selection of chamber music pieces featuring various combinations of instruments.”

Ivana Popovic, The Whole Note (Canada)

“The harmonic and melodic innovation of Schoenberg and the stripped-down aesthetic of Webern meet jazz from the 60s and film scores since then, in this excellent new album from GRAMMY® nominee Gernot Wolfgang. Wolfgang brings his usual high-flying Los Angeles-based team of studio musicians, expert in both classical and popular idioms.”

Dean Frey, Music for Several Instruments (Canada)

“Superb performances featuring some of Los Angeles’ finest studio and concert musicians.  The sonic quality of the release is really equally impressive with a warm quality and excellent imaging. The music is all quite accessible with a good sequencing of chamber groups. Thematically, the album does have this sense of episodic exploration which is given voice through some really interesting pieces. This is another highly recommended collection of chamber music.”

Steven Kennedy, Cinemusical (USA)

“These freewheeling pluralistic compositions cleverly weave the past and the present in a way that reflects well on both. Lineage is a strong component of Wolfgang’s writing, an inheritance that is honoured but flourishes in a new soil, or soils. It’s not a question of abandoning Vienna, more a case of Wolfgang returning to it anew, refreshed and thereby refreshing his own musical vocabulary. With excellent performers on board this is a groove disc that appeals to the heart and to the head.”

Jonathan Woolf, Musicweb-International (UK)

 “This, in a few words, is music that defies pigeonholing, as it embraces the rigorous conservatory training of its creator while at the same time giving more than a passing nod to the improvisatory feel of jazz … Unpredictable, surely, but I will choose surprise any day over a musical déjà vu.”

Rafael de Acha, Rafael’s Music Notes (USA)

“Gernot Wolfgang is one of those contemporary chamber music composers that pushes musical boundaries while simultaneously keeping his audience incredibly engaged and entertained.”

Jeffrey Palmer, CutCommon (Australia)

“This is an extremely enjoyable and musically intriguing CD, and I highly recommend it.”

Lynn René Bayley, The Art Music Lounge (USA)

 “This is experimental music that keeps the sensibilities of the original influences. It’s a lovingly crafted album and another wonderful release from Wolfgang.”

Darren Rea, ReviewGraveyard (UK)

“Groove-related elements are are treated subtly and artfully.”

Ron Schepper, Textura (Canada)