Bassoon Power

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David Breidenthal, bassoon
Crystal Records CD 842 (2002)


01. Sarabande et Cortege (Dutillieux)
02.-05. Fleeting Shadows, Still Reflections (Chihara)
07. Parable for Solo Bassoon (Persichetti)
08.-10. Suite pour Basson (Tansman)
11. The Beauty of the Rose is in its Passing (Chihara)
12.-16. Five Virtuoso Inventions (Sestak)


… a magnificent piece of music and a wonderful showcase for a bassoon soloist.”

Ensemble (GERMANY)

… a sparkling gem from the very talented Gernot Wolfgang … Like other Wolfgang works, this one also relies heavily on the style and gestures of jazz and popular-oriented music. It’s a real beauty of a work – difficult, but extremely accessible, even on first listening.”

Ronald Klimko, The Double Reed

“One of the most substantial and fully realized entries is Moody Blues [a.k.a. Moods in Blue], by the Austrian- born Gernot Wolfgang … Of all the pieces included here, Moody Blues is perhaps the one that uses the bassoon-and-piano medium with the greatest naturalness and ease. The result is a 12-minute work that embraces blues and jazz elements as well as more abstract, angular materials, smoothly integrating them into a single fluent, well-shaped movement … ”

Walter Simmons, Fanfare